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EIA Outer Ring Road

The Outer Ring Road consists of the part of overall Kabul City Outer Ring Road with the total length of 117 Km, where only 37,8 Km is within the jurisdiction of the Kabul New City. The Outer Ring Road is a major road intersecting the Bagram Road and is also going through Parcel 1 development area. The Outer Ring Road is most likely ranked as Category “A” Adverse Impact on the natural and social environment and therefore a full-fledged EIA is required for the project.

A topographical and geological survey will be conducted separately. The study shall describe the outline of the ecological characteristics including the relationship with topography, geology, soil, climate, landscape and others. The recent change trend of the ecology shall also be explained. A socio-economic survey would be conducted to identify and categorize project affected persons and project affected households. The information of this survey will be used to develop resettlement plan and compensation plan. Mitigatory measures would be defined in specific and practical terms. Alternative methods of mitigation should be discussed and the effectiveness of each mitigatory measure should be stated.