Use of Earth Bricks with latest technology in the development of Kabul New City (KNC)

Kabul June 14, 2016: The representatives of Qaderdan Rural Technology Company (QRTC) introduced earth bricks of the latest technology through a technical and scientific presentation at the seminar hall of DCDA’s main headquarter.

At the beginning, representatives delivered a comprehensive technical presentation regarding the bricks produced by latest and modern technology (SCEB and CLC). These bricks are one of the best innovations measured for the development of country. The main aim of the company for production of such bricks is to minimize air pollution, reduced cost and fasten the construction period of affordable houses in the cities, especially in the rural areas. In general the technical specialists of the mentioned company introduced three different types of brick during the seminar.

Subsequently, Dipl. Eng. Alham Omar Hotaki – Deputy and Acting CEO of DCDA appreciated innovations took place by the mentioned company in the field of construction materials as a positive step in the development of the country. He made useful remarks on the delivered presentation and advised the representatives of QRT Company as following: For market penetration a comprehensive presentation, which would include economic analysis comparison of the technology with present practices in the market should be prepared for both private sectors and governmental entities. The analysis may consist resistance of the structure against earthquake, its economic feasibility, shortening the construction period, environmental aspects (reduction of air pollution), facilitation of employment opportunities and sustainability. Beside this the representatives of the company were asked to place the above mentioned analyses in a comprehensive presentation and propose the most reliable public private partnership agreements with relevant ministries like Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health for building typical schools and Hospitals respectively.

Lastly, The Deputy and Acting CEO of DCDA concluded, that the use of such bricks with latest technology would be prioritized during development of KNC, especially in construction work of Barikab Industrial Park.