Meeting of representatives and elders of Yakatot, Qabel Bai and Qala-i-zaman Khan residents of Kabul Province held with CEO of CRIDA

16th August, 2016 – Kabul: Representatives and elders of Yakatot, Qabel Bai and Qala-i-zaman Khan of Kabul Province visited Capital Region Independent Development Authority (CRIDA). In the beginning, Dipl. Eng. Alham Omar Hotaki – CEO of CRIDA briefed the participants on transforming the Capital Region into a mega city that is clean, full of greenery, cultured with booming industries and commerce, sports and tourism and ultimately a city with all facilities that are available in any modern city of the world. He further added that the plan for formalizing the informal settlements of Yakatot area has been prepared by CIRDA and will be implemented step by step.

Consequently, the representatives of the aforementioned locals raised the problems of Yakatot, Qabel Bai and Qala-i-zaman Khan to be considered by CRIDA, on the other side, they expressed their commitments to support and cooperate with CRIDA in the development process. The problems were noted down by CRIDA and the residents were assured that their problems would be considered in the development process.