Meeting of Residents and elders of Qarabagh District of Kabul Province held with DCDA officials

Kabul May 2016: Delegations and elders of Qarabagh district of Kabul Province reached DCDA at May 4, 2016. Firstly, Dipl. Eng. Alham Omar Hotaki – Deputy and Acting CEO of DCDA briefed the participants about the establishment of Industrial – Agricultural zone in Barikab and its privileges as follow: Kabul New City project shall be implemented step by step with the support of H.E. President of I.R.A. Since the Industrial – Agricultural zone of Barikab is approved by the Economic High Council, H.E. President of I.R.A instructed to commence onsite activities urgently, however, Mr. Hotaki added, through establishment of Industrial – Agricultural Parks in Barikab the agricultural productivity of existing residents shall grow, store and process in these facilities. On one hand, employment generation will be increased and on the other, residents will earn sufficient revenue through this economic activity. In addition, establishment of light industries, cold storages and food processing companies shall also play a key role in employment generation where the existing residents would be the first beneficiaries.

Subsequently, participants were requested to stop illegal construction activities which will result hurdles during the implementation of this project.

In conclusion, the delegations declared a full cooperation in implementation of this national project and expressed their willingness towards the commencement of onsite activities.