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Barikab Agriculture Economic Zone (BAEZ)

Barikab covering approximately 120Km2 located in north of Dehsabz, is allocated as an agriculture economic and industrial development hub for the country and region. Barikab is planned and designed as an agricultural development hub that will collect multi components and interrelated agriculture interventions such as production of cereals, pulses, industrial crops, fruits as well as livestock, poultry and dairy production. The success of this national project will have a great impact on the poverty alleviation and food security in Afghanistan. The modern skills and techniques used in BAEZ project will help the local farmers to improve their Agricultural knowledge and practices. Also the well equipped and modern Agricultural laboratories will help the local farmers to control plant diseases and restore and enhance the fertility of soil. The highly skilled agriculture officers will monitor the local farming industries for new diseases and alien plants invasion. BAEZ generates food and long term jobs for the New City


Figure 1 Barikab Agricultural Economic Zone Master Plan


Figure 2 BAEZ, Parcel 1 (Pilot Project)

Barikab Agriculture Development Project

The Barikab Agriculture Economic zone would be developed in 3 phases as follows:

Phase I

  • Pilot Project, 8 km2
  • Development of Remaining Area, 25 km2
    • Development of remaining Agricultural farms
    • Barikab Commercial and Business Center
    • Sanitary Harvest and Fruit Polishing
    • Livestock and Poultry Compound
    • Pasture Land Designation
    • Farmhouse Establishment
    • Greenhouse Production
    • New Vineyard Establishment
    • New Orchards Establishment

Phase II

  • Agricultural research station
  • New Vineyard & Orchard Establishment

Phase III

  • Cold Storage Construction