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Vacancies Under DCDA:

 Position Location Closing Date
  Senior Survey and GIS Manager Details  Kabul  15-Nov-2016
  Finance Specialist Details  Kabul  13-Nov-2016
 EIA Stakeholder Engagement Officer Details  Kabul  04-Nov-2016
 Sewerage and Wastewater Design Engineer Details  Kabul  26-Oct-2016
 Legal Officer Details  Kabul  25-Oct-2016
 Urban Planner Details  Kabul  11-Oct-2016
 Senior Civil Engineer (senior structure design engineer) Details  Kabul  10-Oct-2016
 Transportation Planner Details  Kabul  09-Oct-2016
 Urban Planner Details  Kabul  01-Oct-2016
 Power Manager Details  Kabul  30-Sept-2016
 Telecommunication Engineer Details  Kabul  29-Sept-2016
 Project Control Officer Details  Kabul  28-Sept-2016
 Urban Planner Details  Kabul  16-Sept-2016
 Architect Details  Kabul  14-Sept-2016
 Civil Engineer Details  Kabul  13-Sept-2016
 Design Manager Details  Kabul  11-Sept-2016
 Project Manager Details  Kabul  10-Sept-2016
 Water Supply Planning and Designing Engineer Details  Kabul  08-Sept-2016
 Marketing Officer Details  Kabul  05-Sept-2016
 Graphic Designer Details  Kabul  05-Sept-2016
 Marketing and Public Relation Sen. Manager Details  Kabul  04-Sept-2016
 Solid Waste Management Specialist Details  Kabul  31-Aug-2016
 Drainage and Waste Water Engineer Details  Kabul  30-Aug-2016
 Recruitment Officer Details  Kabul  15-Aug-2016
 Admin Assistant Details  Kabul  14-Aug-2016
 Rodman Details  Kabul  12-Aug-2016
 Sustainability Specialist Details  Kabul  09-Aug-2016
 Research Specialist Details  Kabul  09-Aug-2016
 EIA Stakeholder Engagement Officer Details  Kabul  08-Aug-2016
 EIA Monitor Details  Kabul  07-Aug-2016
 Social Mobilizer Details  Kabul  06-Aug-2016
 Finance Specialist Details  Kabul  03-Aug-2016
 Marketing and Public Relation Sen. Manager Details  Kabul  02-Aug-2016
 Driver Details  Kabul  01-Aug-2016
 Web Developer/Master Details  Kabul  31-July-2016
 Senior Survey and GIS Manager Details  Kabul  30-July-2016
 Quality Control Engineer (Road, Structures & Water Supply) Details  Kabul  29-July-2016
 Survey Engineer Details  Kabul  28-July-2016
 Research and rural development Manager Details  Kabul  22-July-2016
 Finance Assistant Details  Kabul  18-July-2016
 Manager for Mohammad Agha Economic Zone Development Details  Kabul  05-June-2016
 Agriculture Economist Details  Kabul  05-June-2016
 EIA Officer Details  Kabul  02-June-2016
 Archive Assistant/Postman Details  Kabul  24-May-2016
 تحویلدار Details  Kabul  23-May-2016
 Receptionist Details  Kabul  23-May-2016
 Energy and Telecom Senior Manager Details  Kabul  19-Apr-2016
 Water Resources and Supply Senior Manager Details  Kabul  15-Apr-2016
 Telecommunication Engineer Details  Kabul  04-Mar-2016
 EIA Officer Details  Kabul  22-Jan-2016
 Program Officer Details  Kabul  20-Jan-2016
 Architect Planner Details  Kabul  14-Jan-2016
 مدیر محاسبه جنسی Details  Kabul  13-Jan-2016