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Feasibility Study of Barikab

Barikab area covers 17,500 hectares (87,500 Jiribs) mainly targeting commercial agricultural farmlands for production of different types of grains, food products, vegetables, dairy products, fruits, flowers, etc. It is also intended to become an Agro-industrial area to cater product storage, cold storage, sanitary harvest and fruit polishing facilities, canning and packaging factors, greenhouse items, animal and dairy farms, poultry farms, business and commercial center, and agricultural research station. Since Barikab would be the first agricultural economic zone in Afghanistan, the study shall investigate all agricultural, agro-industrial related technical parameters including considerations of investigations made for adequate water sources, soil sustainability etc. The study shall include general and projects specific, preliminary business plan showing the viability of the projects. The study shall also investigate the realization considering all the related national, regional and international standards, regulations and legislations. Furthermore the study shall clearly verify the benefits for all the involved stakeholders from all aspects; especially from economical development point of view. The study shall propose the detail concept for the set up of an economic zone.