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Afghanistan, a fast growing emerging market of strategic importance, is located at the crossroads of the famous east-west trading corridor of the Silk Road and the modern north-south corridor of great economic opportunities. These corridors link some of the largest and fastest-growing economies of the world, including China, India, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran and UAE. They involve massive energy resources of Central Asia, Afghan mineral riches worth trillions of dollars, busy South-Asian ma rkets and major sea ports of international trading in Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf. The Afghan capital Kabul, symbolizing the spirits of all Afghans and international cooperation, sets at the heart of this highly resourceful region, with great potential to turn into a business hub for all. After 2002, the new geo-political dynamics and its subsequent business opportunities, rapid urban population growth and emergence of high unemployment, triggered the planning of urban extension towards the immediate north of Kabul, in the form of a new city.

Message of the CEO

Afghanistan’s Reconstruction efforts in the past years have been temporary and lacking future providences. Afghanistan is mountainous country with a pleasant climate for living and agriculture. The country’s mountains are home for majority of poor where muddy huts are built despite precious resources inside those mountains. So far, the urban development projects in Afghanistan have not been sustainable. The vision behind those projects has been majorly concentrated towards provision of shelter and quick revenues in the short term. No proper consideration has been given towards development of standard infrastructure and public facilities. These projects in principal have failed to create a change in the economic, social and cultural environment of the country. But now the time has reached to divert the efforts towards planning and implementation of sustainable projects. Implementation of Kabul New City in the next 30 years will not only resolve the housing crisis in Kabul but this historic approach is counted a start for introducing a major and fundamental change in the Afghan society and economy. In a broader vision, the Kabul New City shall introduce change in the socio-economic and cultural lives of the Afghans. As a standard city, the Kabul New City shall provide the utmost living conditions, education, employment, production, trade and recreational services to its residents. The Kabul New City features development of a sustainable city in the history of Afghanistan which shall be managed towards realistic business and economic approaches while generating lucrative revenues for the city, residents, private developers and government. read more...