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Land Clearance Procedure

Based on the decree number 15 dated 03.01.1382 of H.E. president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the Dehsabz and Barikab areas are to be acquired (Expropriated) via the government as they were dedicated for Kabul New City Development.

Prior the acquisition the land should be cleared. For the purpose of clearance based on the presidential decree No. 735 Dated 07/02/1387 a committee composed of representatives from Ministries of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Finance, Energy and Water, Geodesy and Cartography, has been formed since August 2008.

The land clearance is technically and administratively leaded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock. While, the DCDA is facilitating the clearance committee through planning and managing the administrative affairs for clearing the lands under KNC master plan, operating from date formed.

DCDA is a governmental administration, thus the land acquisition cost shall be burden on Ministry of Finance (MoF). In this state, for reducing the acquisition expenditures DCDA has introduced several procedures for instance; Land Adjustment, Land Acquisition instead of Apartment houses, Land Acquisition instead of installment payments, and Land Acquisition instead of share sales, and others.

It is also mentionable that DCDA is handling the land transferring process, both transactions, from Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) to Dehsabz Barikab City Development Authority (DCDA) and from DCDA to developers or end-user Moreover, DCDA prevents and contributes in controlling the processes of the land grabbing and land usurped in the Kabul New City (KNC) area through close cooperation of the local and national authorities.

To download the Land Clearance Procedure click here. (in Dari Language)