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Parcel 1
For the realization of Kabul New City (KNC) project, it is intended to start the Phase One of KNC development. It is a comprehensive and calculated step with economic and commercial viability coupled with eco-centric and community based living standards.

In order to properly implement the Phase-I development, specialists from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and DCDA Planning and Design Section have developed Parcel-I within Phase-I that is intended to accommodate around 42,000 residents in 6’400 housing units.

Location of Parcel-1

Parcel-1 is the first project of Phase One and the first signature project for the entire Kabul New City. The Parcel-1 Implementation will serve as a template for upcoming projects, design and construction.

Snap shot of Parcel-I (Hatched area) in relation with Phase-I and KNC Boundary
Parcel 1 Specifications:

Parcel-1 area is selected based on the following parameters:

  • Proximity to the existing Kabul city, Bagram Road, Symbol road, Kabul City Outer Ring Road (City Road) and commercial circle.
  • Various development potentials such as high density, mid density and low density housings.
  • Introduction of a Gateway place from Bagram Road and the Parcel-I roads intersections.
  • Inclusion of around 6400 housing units.
parcel 1
Draft land use plan for Parcel-I


Parcel-1 Engineering Services Plan:

Parcel-1 Enginering Services Plan

Parcel-1 Population Plan:

  • Total Population: approximately 42,000
  • Total Housing Units: approximately 6,400
  • Approximately 19,200 will live in detached/semi-detached houses.
  • Approximately 23,000 will live in apartments.

Land Use occupancy by main Categories in Parcel-I:


 Parcel-1 land use calculation