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Planning Phase 2 and 3

A draft framework for Phase 2 and Phase 3 planning has already been prepared by DCDA. It involves identification and classification of urban needs and priorities, determination of relevant programs for each phase, selection of site for the programs, financing of the programs, planning of the programs, implementation and timeline.

The development of Phase-II shall take place with the following scope of work:

  1. Preparation of Concept Plan for Dehsabz North area based on Master Plan
  2. Preparation of Structure Plan in scale of 1:5000 which would comprise of the following components:

―        General Land use Plan and Zoning;

―        Population Distribution which would include Infrastructure Planning, Transportation System Development and Road Network Planning;

―        Land Preparation Plan (Grading Plan) in scale of 1:5000;

―        Water Distribution Network;

―        Waste Water (Sewerage Network Planning);

―        Social Infrastructure Planning (Public Facilities) including:

  • Parks/ Olympic park;
  • Educational Facilities;
  • Administrative Facilities;
  • Universities;
  • Sports Facilities;
  • Health Care Facilities;
  • Religious Facilities;
  • Cultural Facilities; and
  • Other Recreational Faculties.
  1. Greenery Network Planning;
  2. Selection of Initial Development Area;
  3. Urban Development Guidelines for Initial Development Area; and
  4. Villages’ Preservation Plan.


Figure 1 Location of Phase-II, KNC

Upon Completion of Phase-II, development of Phase-III shall be started.



Figure 2 Location of Phase-III, KNC